Pittsburgh Outdoor Expo "2018"
Pittsburgh Outdoor Expo "2018"
Pittsburgh Outdoor Expo "2018"

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Pittsburgh, PA – January 4, 2016 -- There’s no business like show business. And, nobody does shows better than the entrepreneurial team of Bob & Dottie Miller from Clicker Shows. For more than a decade the pair has produced over 130 successful shows, expos and festivals from Pittsburgh to Philly and from Erie to Altoona and all parts in between.
Coming this January 29, 30 and 31 at the Pittsburgh David Lawrence Convention Center is the Tri-State Outdoor Expo, a spectacular event that promises something for everyone who enjoys the outdoors all year long.
According to Jack Walters who's serving his eighth year as president of the Allegheny County Sportsmen's League he says the association is happy to be involved. "The Allegheny County Sportsmen's League has purchased a booth at the Tri-State Outdoor Expo. We enjoy promoting the outdoor activities for everyone. This show promises to do just that," Walters adds.
The convention center is conveniently located for this one-stop marketplace for all the gear and accessories for every outdoor activity. From beginners to the avid outdoorsperson, there’s no better place to shop, compare prices and save.
Plenty of exhibits for the fishing and hunting crowd but also plenty of vendors displaying their off-road vehicles, boats and Dodge Ram trucks. Professional seminars where attendees can learn all they need to know about paddle boarding, canoeing and kayaking on the Three Rivers. Seminars on camping safety for tenderfoots or discover the best hiking trails in the vast hills of West Virginia’s Mountain Playground for the more experienced woodsman.
The Lake Erie region in Ohio and Pennsylvania offers yet, another hidden gem for folks in the Tri-State area with loads of recreational opportunities for the entire family to enjoy. Learn about many of these activities from the captains who steer their own vessels in these same waters. 
Just over two years ago the staff from the David Lawrence Convention Center approached the Millers about bringing an outdoor show back to downtown Pittsburgh. “We researched the market and a variety of venues in several nearby states and went forward with the expo for 2016,” Bob said. “First-year outdoor shows are sometimes tough to pull off, vendors like to see a track record, including ample booths and sufficient attendance. We think the Tri-State Outdoor Show will have both and we plan to be back next year bigger and better,” Bob adds.
“Like any other consumer show or expo it takes the right players to make it successful,” Dottie adds. We have all the systems in place, good relationships with venues and local media. We hired a great salesperson and we’re going to have a great show,” Dottie added.
From the beginning, the plan was to cater to the avid hunting and fishing crowd but to allow for the changing landscape and waterscape surrounding the Three Rivers, Bob points out. “We wanted to appeal to the new crop of folks living in downtown Pittsburgh who like to bike, canoe, kayak and jog around the Golden Triangle,” Bob stated. “But we also wanted it to be a family affair, says Dottie.  “A place where the entire family could plan a summer getaway to Allegheny National Forest, Cook’s Forest Clearfield or Warren County, or just take advantage of local parks and recreation in places like Butler County,” she adds.
While newcomers to the outdoors can try their luck at the trout pond. Young and old alike will enjoy the paintball shooting gallery. The seasoned outdoor folks can meet and greet with the experts to plan their next outdoor adventure.
There’s so much to see and so much to do. Plan on attending the Tri-State Outdoor Expo at the David Lawrence Convention Center on Friday, January 26th from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm; Saturday, January 27th from 10:00 am till 8:00 pm and Sunday, January 28th from 10:00am to 4:00 pm. For more information or to order discount tickets visit our website at http://www.clickershows.com

Tri-State Outdoor Expo

Pennsylvania • Ohio • West Virginia

The Tri-State Outdoor Expo welcomes people from all over the tri-state area to visit Pittsburgh for a outdoor expo like no other. There will be activities, exhibits, entertainment, and more to “bring the great outdoors to you”. Bring your family and friends for this event.